After spending the last 12 months in development BHD are now moving swiftly into the market with their new offerings of Web Design & Development and Software Development.

To overcome performance, reliability, security and costs of deployment drawbacks associated with common open and “free” technologies and solutions such as WordPress, PHP, Java and alike, BHD create, develop and deploy our own proprietary software using “old school” high performance tools such as C/C++ combined with modern Rapid Application Development frameworks

A sophisticated content management system which has the capability to create and manage thousands of websites from one platform.

Gone are the days when a large organisation will need to log separately into multiple websites and platforms in order to update content on their various websites.

Navigation is automatically generate and adjusted
Increased workplace efficiency
Decentralised maintenance
Configurable access restrictions
Content Scheduling
Sufficiently reduces long term costs

BHD Media is a new type of lead generation business, developed to offer clients a range of services that no other company provides in a single offering.



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