Merchant Marketing

BHD Interactive are experts when it comes to setting up and executing affiliate marketing campaigns for our clients.

We make use of our in-house affiliates to generate results for our advertisers with many of our clients taking up the entire range of routes we offer including SEO, PPC, email and display affiliate marketing.

The affiliates that we use are located around the world in countries such as the UK, US, Canada, India, Australia, France, Germany and Hong Kong. Having access to affiliates in many locations means we can look to drive highly targeted visitors for not only specific industries but specific geographic areas.

  • Our affiliate marketing is performance based and thus ensures that our clients get the best returns when executing an affiliate marketing campaign with us
  • The sales themselves are generated by links from various websites and key high profile affiliates
  • Merchants only pay when a sale is made (Cost per action / lead)
  • All leads are tracked and administrated by either an Affiliate Network or an Affiliate Solution
  • Our affiliate marketing is used alongside PPC, SEO and other online channels
  • Affiliate marketing can represent up to a 30% uplift in online sales / leads
  • Correctly executed a campaign can generate significant incremental growth

If you would like to have a short informal discussion about our affiliate marketing services in order to see how it could help your sales and marketing please get in touch.

Affiliate Marketing

BHD Interactive are a digital media agency who manage on-line and email marketing campaigns for a large number of exclusive clients including T-Mobile, Claims Direct, Kiwi Collection and The Purple Phone Company. Our exclusive e-mail clients include Visit Norway, Hastings and Warner.

Publishers benefit from our extensive digital media experience and working with some of the UK’s top brands. We accept Publishers from most countries and industries and are open to look for clients that suit your specific needs. Our clients offer CPA, CPM and CPL deals on e-mail campaigns, lead generation, display, i-frames and link placement. BHD Interactive offer top quality service and commitment to all our publishers through a dedicated affiliate team.

To find out more about our affiliate program and possibilities, contact

BHD Media is a new type of lead generation business, developed to offer clients a range of services that no other company provides in a single offering.



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