These days marketing in any form is a numbers game: the more people you contact, the more likely you are going to have conversions. But having no concrete plan can be dangerous and very costly. As such, you just cannot send an e-mail to everybody in your country and area hoping that they would buy your products.

You would need to have a list of highly-qualified customers who need your products. This is especially true for marketers of niche products. To do this, you must know the demographics of your target market like the back of your hand. Who buys your products? What age bracket are they in? Do more women buy your product than men or is it the other way around? What level of income are they in? What other interests do they have?

Having a concrete view of who your potential market – those who are most likely to buy your product –could help you focus on them, thereby pulling down the cost of your campaigns while steadily increasing your return on investment. This is especially true if you are using a per-message e-mail sending service, or you need to print out catalogues for a direct mail campaign.

There is no use in sending marketing messages to people who do not need or want your products. One of the most indicative examples of this is sending a spam message containing information on penile enhancement to women, or perhaps breast enhancement spiels to men. You would be wasting money in sending them this information that is useless to them, and they might resent you for wasting their time.

A targeted marketing list would help you reach more of your target market and cut back on your marketing budget and the time you spend for it. What is more, a lot of people would decide whether or not to open an e-mail message by reading the subject line. If you have a targeted e-mail list, you could use language that is specifically directed at that particular market segment. For example, if you have a list containing school-aged kids, you can use the subject line, Have more fun after school!” instead of a generic Check out our new game!” which you would be constrained to use if you do not have a narrow market defined.

BHD Interactive offers data in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, Italy, and Canada, among others.

You can further fine tune these country-wide lists according to your target market by filtering according to variables like gender, age, income, socio-economic status, interests and geographic location, among others.

Targeted marketing lists could spell the difference between the success of your product and the failure of your campaign, or worse the damaging of your brand. BHD Interactive can help you gain access to the targeted marketing list that you need. All you have to do is call us at 0207 868 5370 to discuss your targeting needs. We will be more than glad to assist!

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