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For several years now, e-mail marketing has become the single largest direct channel used to promote products and services. Trends indicate that it will continue to dominate direct channel marketing for years to come. According to a survey conducted by Habeas, an e-mail marketing service provider, more than 65% of respondents prefer to use e-mail to communicate over other channels online. While Daltran Media reports that an overwhelming 80% of marketers say that their e-mail campaigns are more successful than search and display marketing.

E-mail marketing can provide your company with a cost-effective way to reach your clients and potential customers. What is more, it is a convenient way to touch base and initiate contact and relationships with literally thousands of people in a matter of minutes. E-mail marketing knows no geographical bounds, and remains to be a responsive and transparent acquisition channel.

Done wrong, however, and e-mail marketing can flop. We have seen many campaigns that were haphazardly carried out by inexperienced e-mail marketers and could literally see the effort go down the drain. What is worse, failed e-mail marketing campaigns can put your company in the league of spammers, or other similarly odious businesses. Because of this people may not do business with you ever!

BHD Interactive owns and manages some of the hottest e-mail marketing data throughout the world. These data is used regularly by some of the biggest clients we have out there today.

More than getting the right data to use, however, is knowing how to use it. Years of experience have made us acknowledged experts in the field of mass marketing and high volume e-mail broadcast. We can leverage this expertise to help you succeed in your e-mail marketing campaigns from logistics right down to the most minute details.

Over the years, we have helped our clients get tremendous return on investments with their e-mail marketing campaigns. From setting up their overall strategy, to coming up with plans for various stages, to implementing and carrying out the campaign itself right down to choosing the most appropriate and effective subject lines and to crafting well thought-out, clear and concise messages.

Our clients include some of the biggest firms around the world, leading online service providers and retailers, and cataloguers. We provide you with the means to reach your market and ensure the delivery of your message.

Not only do we assist you with e-mails that catch attention and garner interest, but also help you make sure that your recipients get them, opens them, reads them and spurs them to action. We can help you work with various junk mail filters by using our knowledge to tell you if your e-mail has a high probability of being flagged or not.

If you have tried everything and not earned a single conversion for your e-mail campaigns, you are losing out big time to your competitors. If you think you have heard it all, we assure you that our expertise in designing, planning and carrying out e-mail marketing campaigns will wow you.

BHD Media is a new type of lead generation business, developed to offer clients a range of services that no other company provides in a single offering.



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