Oftentimes, e-mail marketers set up their own campaigns and their own lists composed of interested people within their target markets. They set up Web sites and promotions designed to get information and contact details from people who want further information, or signs up for a newsletter.

There are times, however, when e-mail marketers only need to contact their target audience on a singular, one-off basis. Usually, people like event marketers and those with temporary clients do not need to gather and then subsequently maintain e-mail lists. These people usually need to mail the list only once and then move on to the next project—and they usually need these lists fast.

Sometimes, also, advertisers and agencies do not have the know-how or the manpower to set up these lists, or they feel that there is not much return for their investments. To them, e-mail marketing is not a core function, but an important means to spread their message, put their products into people’s screens and attention, or communicate with their target markets.

This is where a reputable company that provides current and related mailing lists comes in. E-mail list management companies offer you the flexibility and ability to still mail out your communications to your target market without having to go through all the trouble of setting up your own lists. These companies have compiled a database of people who have signed up at their own Web sites.

This database is highly customizable making even the most complex targeting possible. If you need people from the financial sector, who are single, male and in their early 40s, the list management company you contact should be able to give you a list with thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of entries in it. Each entry falls right into your targeted demographics or criteria.

What is more, list management companies have these lists readily available and easily customizable so no matter how short your lead time is, they can provide you with your needed lists.

As one of the earliest direct marketing company in the United Kingdom, BHD Interactive has successfully set up, gathered and managed several lists that touch on various industries including, but not limited to, the financial and banking sector, the travel industry and the insurance sectors. We regularly maintain these lists to ensure that the information contained therein are current, updated and relevant. Aside from continually adding and building up these lists, BHD Interactive also have third party opted-in lists, giving us the opportunity to also offer these data to top agencies, advertisers and e-mail marketers.

Working with a lot of the major brands in these sectors, we gain the expertise needed to maximize the value of your consumer base.

Further, we offer revenue sharing structures to cater to your needs.

BHD Media is a new type of lead generation business, developed to offer clients a range of services that no other company provides in a single offering.



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